Offering firearms and combat training programs

NRA Pistol Permit

Obtaining a pistol carry permit requires individuals to successfully complete a firearms safety and familiarization class. Dunham Firearms offers the NRA-developed pistol permit class. In this class, your instructor will cover basics such as

  • Personal Safety
  • In-Home Safety
  • Selecting a Firearm That Best Fits You
  • Basic Firearm Maintenance
  • Sighting and Practical Shooting
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Additional Training Resources
Participants must show this certificate in order to apply for a pistol permit within the State of Connecticut.

Concealed Carry

Often the next step in personal firearms training, this class is designed to develop skills necessary to deploy a firearm from a concealed position on your person. Carry positions and deployment techniques discussed will include:

  • Cross Draw Holsters
  • Shoulder Carry Rigs
  • Strong Side Carry
  • Pocket and Ankle Carry
  • Drawing a firearm from under shirts and coats
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Reloading
  • Threat Area Assessment

Close Quarters Combat Training

Close quarters combat training is developing the reflexive skills necessary to negate a threat through effective deployment of your firearm in an immediate-threat scenario. Topics covered will include:

  • Personal equipment placement for maximum effectiveness
  • Deploying and firing in close proximity to a threat
  • Using negative stimulus to distract threats
  • Multiple-threat engagement
  • Techniques in threat control and conflict management


This class will show you how to deploy a flashlight in a defensive scenario to effectively provide illumination and distraction and facilitate threat identification. Beyond flashlights, this class will discuss additional techniques for defensive scenarios, including:

  • Multiple Shooting Positions Using Flashlights
  • Weapon Retention and Reloading Techniques
  • Flashlights as Defensive Weapons
  • Non-Conformative Objects as Defensive Weapons

Defensive Shotgun

Details coming soon.

Patrol Rifle

Details coming soon.

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